Eyes Of Blue Cattery is  a small family owned cattery located in the beautiful mountains of Franklin, NC.  Our Cats are our whole life! We love and care for them like children. 
They live in our home and are treated like the Kings & Queens they are VERY spoiled and loved!

 You can be assured the kitten you select will be accustomed to being nurtured and their loving personality will attest to it.  It's this loving personality that makes the Ragdoll cat so Special.

IMG_2665 (002).jpg

Look at my sweet babies!! Mother and Son. These are truly the best cats money can buy! They are well behaved and love to play on their cat tree! We just moved into a new house and to say they are happy is an understatement. Their temperament is so relaxed and they get a long great with our 7 month old baby and our dog. We are so in love with both of them, thank you Eyes of Blue for allowing us to have the most precious fur babies! 

                                                                 -Matthew H.

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